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conference with president obama. let's listen in. >> the deep bonds between the people of the united states and india and a historic opportunity we have to strengthen the partnership between our nations. india today is a rising and responsible global power. in asia, indian leadership is expanding prosperity and security across the region. and the united states welcomes and encourages india's leadership role in helping to shape the rise of a stable, peaceful and prosperous asia. beyond asia, the world's largest multiethnic democracy is one of the world's fastest growing economies and as a member of the g-2 o india will play a pivotal role in meeting the major challenges we face today. and this includes my top economic priority, creating good jobs with good wages for the the american people. so i believe the relationship between the united states and india will be one of the defining partnerships of the 21st century. and this visit underscores the strengthening of that partnership, which i hope will continue throughout my presidency. that's why i have made it a priority to broaden the coopera
? >> absolutely. you know, jaycee, the statistics speak for themselves. in the united states, heart disease and stroke are two of the top three killers of people in the united states of america. in dc, we rank at the bottom. near the bottom in both of those categories. so it's not just children, children are also affected by this. especially because of the high rates of obesity we have. so it's important for etna to be a leader out there with all the corporations, finding ways to talk to people about health and wellness and partnering with the american heart association is a great way for us to do that. we are excited to be a partner with them. >> we are having happy you are part of it. what it does, it promotes physical activity for families. >> yes. >> that's one of the things to try and have a healthy heart is get out and do some activity. walk. >> absolutely. you know, it's very easy to start a walking program. and the great thing about walking is that of all the different exercise programs that people try to start, walking has the lowest dropout rate of all those programs. >> we a
. concerns about the h1n1 strain are getting stronger. there are at least four case necessary united states where patients aren't responding to tamiflu. that's the most effective drug for treating the flu. doctors are telling you not to worry. they say most people who get h1n1 will get better with rest and feuds. they are keeping an eye on this. you can get the latest on fighting the flu at wusa9.com. click on flu alert at the top of the page. >>> alternate says the past 24 hours have been deadly for u.s. service members in afghanistan. three americans died in southern afghanistan yesterday, two in a bomb attack and a third in a separate fire fight. a statement says a fourth service member died in the east today in a bomb explosion. >>> a lawyer for one of the five men facing trial in the september 11th attacks will plead not guilty so he can air his criticisms of the u.s. the justice department announced that the defendants will face trial blocks from destroyed world trade center. a defense lawyer says the men will not deny their role in the 2001 attacks, but will explain what happened and
in the toys for tots campaign which is sponsored by the united states marines. >>> president obama's first state dinner is being called a huge success. it featured oscar winning entertainers, hollywood moogs and powerful washington insiders. nancy has more. >> reporter: a listers like steveing spielberg and depack chopra streamed in to a tent adorned with hand leers and flowers to enjoy a night of luxury on the white house south lawn. this was the obama's first state dinner, considered a showcase for the first family's sense of tradition as well as style. >> let our two great nations realize all the triumphs and achievements that await us. >> reporter: the menu featured fresh vegetables, grown in the white house's own garden, presented on china from the eisenhower, clinton and second bush administration. while the entertainment began with the national symphony orchestra, the obamas brought acts from their hometown of chicago to end the night. >> jennifer hudson and curt elsing performed last night and it shows the obamas bringing midwest charm to the white house. the first lady's dress was
is urging lawmakers to finish the job by the end of the year. >> now it falls on the united states senate to take the baton and bring the effort to the finish line on behalf of the american people. >> reporter: but the senate may not run with it anytime soon. senator reid is yet to schedule a floor debate and while he's confident the senate will pass health care reform he's hint a final bill may not happen until early next year. tara merger, cbs news, washington. >>> are you tired of getting stuck in traffic on the way to work near tysons corner? you now have an alternative. because buss are running from woodbridge to tysons corner every morning and four return routes in the afternoon. the effort is ended to reduce congestion in the commercial hub. the service is free for this entire week. >>> metro is facing disturbing allegations. the "washington post" reports that independent monitors have been barred from doing safety checks on the tracks for a month. the paper says the monitors want to determine whether metro is following the rules after a number of workers were fatally injured on th
never made land in the united states. hurricane season officially ends december 1. for gulf coast residents, they are happy ida is not closing things out with a bang. drew levinson, cbs news, biloxi, mississippi. >> i know you have some rain, maybe this afternoon in your forecast. but it's nothing like ida. >> no, no. ida fell apart before she made the coast. did have heavy rain, still heavy rain in the deep south. while the coast may have been spared, there will be flooding rain in alabama and georgia and into the carolinas, and maybe parts of virginia. going to watch this carefully, because our viewing area could be split in half, where southern maryland, the northern neck, towards fredericksburg could see a lot of rain, and frederick might not see any rain. it's really going to be a pretty sharp cutoff. here we go the next three days, mild today. mid-60s for highs. could be an isolated shower this afternoon. tonight and tomorrow, on and off showers, more south, less north. that will be the case through thursday as well. little bit breezy. before i talk about veterans day, happy
and another scary statistic is every 1.4 minutes somebody in the united states, a woman is battered either emotionally or physically. >> so unacceptable when talking about these matters and these issues there's probably not someone better to talk about it than someone who has lived through the nightmare and survived it. you have a personal story. >> i do. i have been living under a protective order until ten years ago. i almost lost my life because of my ex-husband and it was because of a friend who finally recognized the signs that i was able to leave that disastrous relationship. >> when you talk about the signs there are resources out there and numbers to talk to people. >> what i would suggest to everyone is they call the domestic violence hotline at 800-799-safe. and -- call that hotline if you are experiencing abuse or know someone who looks like is experiencing abuse. they will refer you to an organization in your own community. >> it is a joy to have you here. great information for our viewers. thanks for joining us on this black friday. >>> and thanks for joining us on this 9 news
.m. at the exxon gas station on route 85 at interstate 270. the maryland state fire marshal says the fire started as a man was trying to fill a container with gas. fire and rescue units were able to extinguish the flames. the victim was rush nod the burn unit of washington hospital center with third degree burns. >>> grief counselors are on hand for students at forest park high school in woodbridge today. this will be their first time back to school since the death of two of their classmates. prince william county police now say the deaths of 17-year- old des'ree patrick and 18-year- old williams were a suicide pact. both teens were found on monday night by patrick's father inside of his triangle home. >>> dc police are investigating the apparent strangulation of a popular u street restaurant owner. 38-year-old nori was found on monday night in her apartment on 16th street northwest. she and her brother ran coppi's organic restaurant in northwest. a $25,000 reward is being offered for information in this case. >>> we have a story now that you first saw on 9 news now. former washington teachers un
Search Results 0 to 7 of about 8